General Liability

Our program targets small to medium-sized Main Street businesses such as Restaurants, Retail/Wholesale, Real Estate, Mixed Use, Manufacturing and Offices in urban and subur...

Professional Liability

Environmental and analytical testing labs - available all states. Lawyers professional in 40 states (not California). Lawyers professional on admitted paper in Arizona.

Affordable Housing

offered by HAI Group
Affordable Housing Insurance Program with an "A" rated, admitted carrier designed for commercial multi-family apartment risks with portfolios containing at least 20% subsid...


Earthquake / DIC offered by M.J. Hall and Company, Inc. Typically excluded (along with other earth movement) from most property insurance policies, except ensuing fire....

Motor Truck Cargo

• Cargo Import / Export • Motor Truck Cargo - Including Contingent • Shippers Interest / Transit Risks • Facility Limit: USD 15,000,000 any one shi...


McKee Risk Management's Construction Program focuses on defined segments of this industry. Our team understands the complex issues many contractors face when it comes to th...

Market Discussions

  • Posted Jan 16, 2:22 pm
    Workers Comp for High Mod Transportation
    Posted by adriansanderson | 0 replies »

    I am looking for broker/ agent partners to work with on high mod transportation risks. It is a PEO arrangement through SouthEast Personnel Leasing, which owns its A rated carrier, Lion Insurance Co...

  • Latest reply Jan 16, 11:35 am
    Posted by Gonz021 | 3 replies »

    Need help with placing a risk for General Liability, Workers Comp, and Umbrella. Applicant sells plastic brooms, mops, and dust pans wholesale. Applicant is considered the manufactured because the ...

  • Latest reply Jan 15, 10:40 am
    Workers Compensation - CA - Home Appliance Delivery/Installation
    Posted by MMJ45 | 2 replies »

    Seeking Workers Compensation for a small business that delivers and installs home appliances. Contracts with Sears/ The Home Depot. Has a lapse of coverage of about 10 days, currently uninsure...

  • Latest reply Jan 12, 10:24 am
    International Product Liability
    Posted by krishoney | 1 reply »

    This is a tough one. Any ideas would really help! There is a start up company looking for worldwide product liability insurance. They are located in Australia. Their product is the sale of nai...

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