Monoline Homeowners 3 (HO-3)

The HO-3 program provides open peril coverage for an Owner or Seasonal occupied dwelling. This program is designed for sitebuilt homes up to 80 years old (older if full...

Solepro Solo

offered by Solepro, Inc.
A minimum premium workers' comp "ghost policy" + accident policy program for sole proprietors, partnerships, one person LLC's, and one person S-Corps with no employees, day...

Bars, Restaurants & Taverns

Product Features Property Limits up to $5,000,000 in-house, additional limits available$500/1,000 minimum deductibleRCV, special causes of loss and equipment breakdo...

Business Auto Program (Misc. Classes)

The Five Star Business Auto (Misc. Classes) Program offers an array of programs with all needed lines of coverage for many classes, nationwide. The 5Star Business Auto Prog...

General Liability

Commercial General Liability coverage for many markets in the majority of states around the country.

Treasurer's Bonds/Special Purpose (Surety) Bonds

offered by Brokers' Risk
Overview Created for Illinois School DistrictsAccepted by ISBECompetitively PricedTreasurer's Bonds Specifically Created for Illinois School Districts One of the most...

Market Discussions

  • Posted Yesterday 6:21 pm
    Bio Hazard WC for PA?
    Posted by insurancelady87 | 0 replies »

    Hello,I am looking to place Comp coverage for a biohazard/hoarding cleanup company in Pennsylvania. One year in the business. No prior comp. They are picking up 3 full time employees with $100k pay...

  • Latest reply Yesterday 6:17 pm
    Looking for a market for military vehicles owned by a museum in Florida
    Posted by kmosenthin | 1 reply »

    I am looking for a market in Florida that will insure several military vehicles, including jeeps, trucks, etc that are owned by a museum.  Some of the markets I approached will do so on a pers...

  • Latest reply Jul 13, 11:07 am
    CA - HNOA Monoline or CGL w/ HNOA CA 5 Power Units
    Posted by elecgenius | 1 reply »

    Hello,I am looking for a market that does HNOA Monoline or CGL w/ HNOA. It is only for incidental exposure "if any" for 5 Dump Trucks. We also have the need for a few Courier accounts that we curre...

  • Posted Jul 12, 12:35 pm
    The 35 Year Term
    Posted by LVMInsurance | 0 replies »

    Hi everyone, with the increased life expectancy of Americans and with women continuing to have children later in life, I am finding more and more than some consumers would do best in buying term le...

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