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As a result of mass internet access and the growth of trustworthy multi-national banking institutions, contractors are more likely than ever to consider accepting projects outside of the United States. The United States is also a very attractive environment for foreign contractors wishing to accept work within the states and territories. International surety bond underwriting presents significant obstacles.

For the U.S. contractor performing abroad the chief concerns are the extraordinary geographic footprint and the trustworthiness of the legal forums in which disputes may be settled. In the case of reverse flow international surety bonding, the drafting and perfection of international indemnity agreements, proper analysis of financial statements prepared to foreign standards, claims and collections issues, and the proper premium rating for bonds issued for less than full value of contracts represent significant deviations from standard U.S. surety underwriting practices.

An international surety underwriter should possess superlative working knowledge of advance payment bonds (very popular across latin america), reverse flow bonding, cultural differences and business social protocols of the country in which work is performed, and the necessary language skills to maintain open lines of communication.

Demand for international surety bonds, advance payment bonds and international financial guarantee will continue to grow, requiring surety companies to commit themselves to understanding and underwriting them.

International Surety Bonds Ofrecemos toda clase de fianza en TODO el mundo.


$150M Maximum Limit

$10K Minimum Limit

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