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Selectpeo is a premier general agency that offers a competitive portfolio of products that allow our partners to grow, retain, and cross sell to their clients. The products we offer have low market penetration to give you the cutting edge advantage. We specialize in PEOs, strategic Worker’s Compensation solutions and Fortune 500 styled benefit packages. With our competitive portfolio we can maximize revenue and increase retention.

We currently represent 103 PEO's across the country and thoroughly research the market trends to acquire new relationships on a frequent basis.

Brokers Utilize Our PEO Programs For:

-Pay-as-you-go work comp solutions with no audits
-Pulling clients out of the State Insurance Fund
-To handle workers' comp solutions for companies in multiple states
-To have access to exclusive A rated workers' comp companies only available through a PEO
-To help clients free up cash flow
-To offer Fortune 500 style employee benefits
-To maximize revenue and increase client retention

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