Rockwood Brokerage

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Rockwood Brokerage - a division of Rockwood Programs Inc - has been established to place management and professional liability risks that fall outside of the parent agency's product portfolio. The entity maintains appointments with over two dozen insurance companies, all rated “A” or better by A.M. Best.

Insurance Markets From Rockwood Brokerage 6 Total

Cyber Liability
Cyber Cyber Security & Privacy Cyber & Privacy Liability
Active Assailant Events Coverage
Active Assailant Active Shooter
Insurance Broker / Large Retail Agent Errors & Omissions
Insurance Agents E&O Insurance Agents & Brokers Insurance Agents Errors & Omissions
Prepper / Survivalist / Self-Reliance Show Event Liability Insurance
Prepper Show Event Liability Survivalist Show Event Liability Self-Reliance Show Event Liability
D&O for Privately Held For Profit Companies
D&O Directors & Officers Management Liability For Profit D&O
MGA/Program Administrator E&O Program
Insurance Agents E&O Wholesalers E&O Insurance Brokers E&O MGA E&O Insurance Agents + 3 more
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Company Headquarters 3001 Philadelphia Pike
Claymont DE, 19703
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Phone (305) 248-9495

Memberships CHART-Exchange, TMPAA