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Bass Underwriters offers coverage for artisan, construction, & janitorial contractors.

Target Classes:

  • Residential Remodeling & Homebuilders
  • Commercial & Residential GC’s
  • Artisan Contractors (over 70 classes)
  • Construction Managers
  • New Ventures & Lapse in Coverage is eligible
  • 100% Paper Contractors


  • Blanket AI
  • Blanket AI w/ completed ops
  • Blanket WOS
  • Black PNC
  • Increased per project aggregate limits

Bass Underwriters is an MGA offering a great deal of specialty products with professional service. Experience 1-on-1 service with your underwriter to place clients from commercial property, to food trucks, to high value homes, and everything in between! With 300+ carrier appointments, we've got your back for even the most unique risks.

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