Airport Shuttle - 10 vehicles - CA (clean risk)

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    Posted: Feb 7, 1:52 pm
    I am looking to move Airport shuttle account mid term. There are 10 vehicles, loss runs and MVRs are clean. Target premium - $50K. Please let me know if you are interested. looking to place asap.
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    Posted: Feb 8, 10:10 am

    please send me the ACORDS, Loss Runs, and MVRS to If you have any question, please feel free to call me at 415-999-0207. Thank you! 
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    Posted: Feb 11, 11:03 am
    Try KF&B Ask for Shannon Melamed.
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    Posted: Feb 11, 11:18 am
    I'll be happy to help. We specialize in limos and trucking. Feel free to email me accords and loss runs to  or call me at 713.955.4066
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    Posted: Feb 13, 1:06 pm
    I highly suggest the folks at National Hangar.  They write almost anything having to do with an airport and they write on Travelers paper.  If you're not appointed, you can go through Coverage First.  If interested, contact me for their info and I'd be happy to forward to you.
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    Posted: Feb 22, 12:06 am
    At our Agency, we can do it. Please call me at 818 212 8886. We have the best of the best for Livery
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