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insurancelady87 Jun 22, 2018 5:16 PM

I have someone who transports horses for a fee for clients.
They also transport wood chips from their home to a plant that buys the chips and makes them into mulch.
The risk is located in Pennsylvania and has been business 3 years. 30+ years experience in the field. Progressive is not an option.

There are two trucks and a Gooseneck horsetrailer that need coverage. Also looking for cargo coverage on the horses.

Can anyone assist with this?

omegacsr Jun 29, 2018 10:11 AM
I have an account out of NJ that does the same thing and got a good price from National General for the AL and Lloyds for the Cargo for the horses. 
insurancelady87 Jul 2, 2018 3:19 PM
I just tried Nat Gen. Pricing was good until I ran the MVR an then it was marked as unacceptable.

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