Back Looking for MGA for PL and CL in NC, SC, VA area

NCPCLHAgent Sep 1, 2012 10:13 PM
I'm looking for an MGA that can do personal and commercial lines for NC, SC. and VA area, or primarily in NC.

I'm looking for admitted carriers just to help an agency that doesn't do a lot of CL at this time but are looking to grow and develop a niche. An MGA with The Hartford, Travelers, Montgomery, etc. for standard, general BOP and smaller accounts is preferable. I don't foresee a lot of major fleet businesses or monoline WC being an issue right now, nothing really "oddball." Risks will probably be primarily some smaller contractors, retail and strip locations, and things like that as we find business owners for PL.

As for PL, anything that has a few good companies for home and auto would be nice. Hartford, Travelers, Safeco, etc. is all I need. I'm set for NC really but in other states it's an issue.

I can do TWO MGA's if needed but I'd like to keep as much business with them as possible. I have E&S already, I'm looking for admitted carriers while trying to grow in CL and PL in other states. 

Any suggestions?

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