Back CA Work Comp Comparative Rater

mheimerl Oct 27, 2009 2:57 PM
As a regular visitor to these forums, I see a ton of questions about working smarter. We can help. Can you imagine selling personal auto without a comparative rater? Forgive my blatant self-promotion, but…We don't think you should sell comp without one either. is a massive online comparative rater for CA work comp. We provide the information you need to help your buyers make an informed decision. So, from the very beginning of the sales cycle through the very end, we can improve the productivity of your workforce. Every time you run an estimate using, we do about 4 hours of work for you. That's a $300 to $400 savings per case. Also, because all the information you need to build your marketing roadmap is available upfront, is great way to increase your speed to market. Here is an article we put together based on feedback from our users on how to improve prospecting new clients: How do you use to get a meeting with the decision maker? ( Let me know your thoughts. Matt Heimerl

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