Great American Insurance, Specialty Human Services

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We have specialized in writing social service and non-profit organizations since 1980. We write more than 12,000 nationwide. Cincinnati contact: Casey Connor, or 513-287-8251 Chicago contact: Mike Liguzinski,

Insurance Markets From Great American Insurance, Specialty Human Services 10 Total

Individual & Family Services
Social Services Family Services Counseling Alcohol Crisis Centers Intervention
Social Service Organizations
Social Services Sexual Abuse Community Services
Programs for Educational Classes
Drama School Educational Programs Schools Vocational Training Private Schools + 4 more
Health Services
Addiction Mental Health Counseling Developmentally Disabled Rehab Detox Treatment + 3 more
Animal Related Classes
Animal Shelters Animal Ranch Shelters Zoos Wildlife
Programs for Community Services
Counseling Shelters Outreach Day Care Food Banks Senior Centers Soup Kitchens + 3 more
Cyber Liability
Social Services Cyber Liability Data Security Cyber Extortion
Earthquake Solution
Signature Business Auto Broadening Endorsement
Social Services Human Services Commercial Auto School Bus Business Auto Passenger Vessel
Special Events
Liquor Liability Social Services Special Events Premises Liability
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