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Excess and Surplus lines carrier specializing in hard to place, declined, and unconventional risks for liability, professional, property and casualty coverage. Rated A (excellent) by A.M. Best. Offices in Chicago, Salt Lake City, Exton, PA and Naples. We write in all 50 states

Insurance Markets From Prime Insurance Company 11 Total

Commercial Building Owners
Apartments Commercial Property CGL Commercial Building Owners Business Interruption + 4 more
Exercise / Health Studios / Health Clubs / Acroyoga
Property Health Clubs Exercise Studios Exercise Studios Tanning Personal Liability + 4 more
Garage Liability & Towing
Garage Auto Repair Motorcycle Dealers Dealers Open Lot Towing Garage Keepers + 4 more
Contractors / Building Trades / Roofers
Artisan Contractors Roofers Explosives Independent Contractors Contractors Contractors General Liability + 3 more
Auto Repossessors
On Hook Coverage Dealers Open Lot Towing Auto Repossessors Garage Keepers Reposession + 3 more
Security Guard & Detective Agencies
Professional Liability Assault And Battery Property Security Guards Detective Agency + 3 more
Professional Healthcare Services Insurance
Professional Liability Adult Day Care Assisted Living Home Healthcare Individual Liability Coverage + 3 more
Bounce Houses Rentals Inflatables Inflatable Devices Inflatable Rental Commercial Liability + 2 more
Flyboard - Watercraft Recreational Devices - Parasailing
General Liability Watercraft Personal Watercraft Recreational Parasailing Flyboard
Long Haul Trucking
Transportation Long Haul Trucking Commercial Auto Hired & Non-Owned Auto Auto Physical Damage + 3 more
Active Shooter
Active Shooter Active Assailant Workplace Violence
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Phone 801-304-5500 Tollfree 800-257-5590

4 office locations

Memberships AAMGA , NAPSLO, PLUS