MacAfee & Edwards, Inc.

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Mexican Insurance Specialist (Commercial & Personal). We assist in the placement of all types of insurance exposures in Mexico, like: Manufacturing or warehousing operations, Construction risks, Transit/Cargo exposures, Crime, K&R, Auto, Aviation, etc.

Insurance Markets From MacAfee & Edwards, Inc. 10 Total

Aircraft Mexico Mexican
Foriegn International Mexico Mexican
International Foreign Mexico Mexican
Mexican Commercial Lines
Mexico Mexican International Foreign Maquiladora Shelter
Mexican Personal Lines
Personal Mexican Mexico Homeowners Aircraft Watercraft Auto International Foreign
Mexican Tourist Auto
Auto Mexico Mexican Tourist Resident International Foreign
Motor Truck Cargo
Cargo Transit Transportation Mexico Mexican International
Mexico Mexican International Foreign
Truckers and Trucking Firms
Truck Trucking Commercial Mexico Mexican Auto
Mexican Insurance
Mexico Mexican International Foreign Commercial Personal Auto Truck Business
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Company Headquarters 800 S. Figueroa St., Ste. 790
Los Angeles, CA 90017
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Phone 213-629-9777 Tollfree 800-334-7950

Memberships CPCU, Protec, Globex, Unison Brokers

Licenses CA, AZ, Mexico