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Lionheart Insurance Services is a Family owned wholesale broker. We have extensive facilities to assist retail agents. We have more than 150 years of combined experience placing hard-to-place risk. No volume commitments and no contract required.

Insurance Markets From Lionheart Insurance Services 9 Total

Residential Care Facilities & Skilled Nursing Care
Adult Day Care Pharmacies Long Term Care Facilities Home Healthcare Alcohol & Drug Rehab + 5 more
Restaurants - Bars - Taverns - Sports Bars - Exotic Clubs - Gentelmen's Clubs - Liquor
Liquor Liability Restaurant EPLI Restaurants Excess Liability Nightclubs Adult Clubs + 4 more
Professional Liability
EPLI D&O E&O Professional Liability Real Estate Agents E&O Home Healthcare Cyber Liability + 3 more
Homeowners - High Value Homes - Dwellings - Vacation Rentals
Homeowners Dwelling Fire Vacant Dwelling HO3 Brush Primary Flood High Value Homes + 3 more
Employment Practices Liability - Directors & Officers
Directors & Officers Employment Practices Liability Insurance Professional Liability + 7 more
Hospitality - Liquor - Restaurants - Sports Bars - Exotic Clubs - Gentelmen's Clubs
Liquor Liability Restaurants Assault And Battery Bars & Taverns Package Liquor + 5 more
DIC - Earthquake - XS Flood - Commercial & Residential
Condominium Associations DIC Excess Flood Apartment Building Commercial Property + 4 more
E-CIG - Vapor - Vape Shop - Smoke Shop - Ejuice - Vape Products Liability
Commercial General Liability Smoke Shops Medical Marijuana Dispensary Vape Shops + 6 more
Life Sciences * Pharmaceuticals * Biotech Products
Medical Testing Human Clinical Trials Medical Devices Life Sciences Pharmaceuticals + 4 more
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