Lancer Insurance Company

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One of America's premier specialty commercial insurance companies, Lancer offers products for: passenger transportation vehicles; long-haul truckers; rental vehicles; vanpools; small to mid-sized businesses; and the commercial explosives industry.

Insurance Markets From Lancer Insurance Company 10 Total

Commercial Auto Van Van Pools
Mining Explosives Construction Commercial Explosives
Garage Liability
Body Shops Garage Auto Repair Gas Stations Repair Shops Garage Liability Parking Lot + 3 more
Garagekeepers' Legal Liability / Dealers Open Lot
Auto Dealers Dealers Open Lot Garage Keepers Auto Physical Damage Physical Damage + 1 more
Buses Tour Bus Limo Charter Buses Limousine For Hire
Auto Rental
Commercial Auto Auto Rental Rental Car Rent-A-Car Rental Fleets Collision Shop + 1 more
Commercial Auto
Tow Trucks Commercial Auto Contractors Intermediate Haul Local Business Auto + 4 more
Dealer and Transporter Plates
Auto Dealers Car Dealers Transporter Plate Dealer Plate
Commercial Package Policy
Restaurants Warehouse Manufacturing Real Estate Main Street Office Retail Commercial Package + 2 more
Restaurants, Bars & Taverns, Dining
Liquor Liability Pizza Restaurants Bars & Taverns Chinese Restaurants Sushi Restaurants + 4 more
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