Lancer Insurance Company

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One of America's premier specialty commercial insurance companies, Lancer offers products for: passenger transportation vehicles; long-haul truckers; rental vehicles; vanpools; small to mid-sized businesses; and the commercial explosives industry. Since 2021, Lancer Insurance Company has been a division of Core Specialty Insurance Holdings, Inc.

Insurance Markets From Lancer Insurance Company 9 Total

Commercial Auto Van Van Pools
Mining Explosives Construction Commercial Explosives
Garage Liability
Body Shops Garage Auto Repair Gas Stations Repair Shops Garage Liability Service Station
Garagekeepers' Legal Liability / Dealers Open Lot
Auto Dealers Dealers Open Lot Garage Keepers Auto Physical Damage Physical Damage + 1 more
Driving Schools
Commercial Auto Business Auto Student Driver Driving School
Buses Tour Bus Limo Charter Buses Limousine For Hire
Auto Rental
Commercial Auto Auto Rental Rental Car Rent-A-Car Rental Fleets Collision Shop + 1 more
Commercial Auto
Tow Trucks Commercial Auto Contractors Intermediate Haul Local Business Auto + 4 more
Dealer and Transporter Plates
Auto Dealers Car Dealers Transporter Plate Dealer Plate
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