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HDI Global SE: Innovative insurance solutions from a single source Companies from the trading, production and service industries need an insurance partner they can rely on. As part of the Talanx Group, HDI Global SE has been one of the leading insurers offering a broad and needs-based range of insurance solutions and accompanying services for decades. HDI operates through foreign branches, subsidiaries and affiliates as well as network partners in more than 130 countries, offering international industrial insurance programmes. One brand, many products HDI Global SE offers a complete range of products to insure against business risks. Worldwide cover in the form of international insurance programmes, full insurance cover for personnel assignments abroad or innovative insurance against cyber risks “Cyber+” are additional examples of our superior level of performance.

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Chicago, IL
Address 161 N Clark St., 48th Fl
Chicago IL, 60615
Phone 312-580-1900

Phone +1 312 580-1900