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Homeowners insurance is designed to protect you from disasters that can damage your home and belongings. It helps keep you financially secure in the worst cases. In addition to repairing your home and the contents that dwell in it, insurance can cover your outside structures, such as pools, detached garages, sheds, and more! At Orchid we offer a wide range of homeowners products to suit your needs.  We currently offer HO3, HO5 and HO6 and even HO4 policies.

 Key Features:

  • HO3 and HO5 minimum is as low as $200,000 in most states
  • HO6 programs start at $50,000
  • Flexibility allowed in coverage limits as long as they don’t exceed the maximum values of:
    • Coverage B 30% of Coverage A
    • Coverage C 70% of Coverage A
    • Coverage D 30% of Coverage A
The Orchid Difference:
  • Write as high as $20 million total insured value with carrier approval
  • Provide flexible deductible options as low as 1% in some states
  • Offer multi-family dwelling with a maximum of 4 families
  • Primary, Secondary/Seasonal, and Rental occupancies (long term and short term - minimum 3 days)
  • Named Insured flexibility for corporations, LLCs, trusts, and others
  • Provide the option to exclude Wind on any policy type
  • We offer Earthquake coverage at 5% and up in select states


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