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The Source for A Rated Workers' Compensation Programs

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Integrated Underwriters is the nation's leading source to multiple A rated integrated workers' compensation programs. Each program seamlessly delivers workers' compensation insurance, payroll processing, risk reduction programs and employer extended services and coverage's.

Program Eligibility

Program Underwriting Guidelines

Target Class Codes

  • 0042 Landscape Gardening
  • 1463 – Asphalt Works
  • 1803 – Stone Cutting or Polishing
  • 3022 – Iron or Steel Works – structural
  • 3339 – Welding or cutting
  • 3724-Millwright Work
  • 5027/5028-Masonry
  • 5057/5059 – Iron or Steel Erection
  • 5102-Iron/Steel – non-structural
  • 5107-Door/Pre-Glazed Window Install
  • 5140/5190-Electrical
  • 5146-Cabinet/Fixtures Installation
  • 5183/5187-Plumbing
  • 5185/5186-Automatic Sprinkler
  • 5191-Office Machine Install/Repair
  • 5192-Vending/Coin-Op Machines
  • 5195-Communications Cabling
  • 5201/5205-Concrete/Cement Work
  • 5213-Concrete Construction
  • 5348-Tile/Stone/Mosaic/Terrazzo
  • 5403/5432-Carpentry
  • 5436-Hardwood Floor Laying
  • 5443-Lathing·
  • 5446/5447-Wallboard Application
  • 5467/5470-Glaziers
  • 5479-Insulation Work
  • 5474/5482-Painting
  • 5484/5485-Plaster/Stucco Work
  • 5506/5507 Street or Road Construction
  • 5538/5542-Sheet Metal Work
  • 5552/5553 - Roofing
  • 5606-Contractors – exec. Supervisors
  • 5632/5633 Steel Framing
  • 6218/6220-Excavation
  • 6400-Fence Construction
  • 7605-Burglar Alarm Installation
  • 8227-Construction/Erection Perm. Yards
  • 6218/6220-Excavation

Indicate and submit online

Registered IUW agents will have access to the online IUW rating engine. This will give agents the ability to produce a pricing indication before deciding to upload a submission.

Not Appointed? Click the link below to get appointed.

For manual submission processing please forward complete submissions to

Submission Requirements.

1. Workers' Comp Application (Acord 130)
Please include the follwing within the Acord 130
• FEIN#(Federal Tax ID)
• Current Experience Modification #
• Employee count per class code

2. Currently Valued Loss History (4 years)
• Please provide details on all claims over $25k


$5M Maximum Limit

$50K Minimum Limit

Has Pen

Appointment Required

Carrier Information

A Rated Carriers - Varies by program



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