E-Cigarette, Vape Shop, and E-Liquid Insurance

Offered by Veracity Insurance Solutions, LLC

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Insurance Coverage Designed Specifically for the E-Cigarette Industry

VIP has developed exclusive insurance coverage forms to respond to the needs of the vape industry. VIP is your vape insurance solution!

  • No Health Hazard Exclusion - With no "Health Hazard Exclusion," VIP offers one of the broadest policies in the industry. Health Hazard Exclusions vary from one insurance company to another and can limit coverage to totally exclude all health related issues, e-liquids, devices, or a combination of these items. As the industry changes and the FDA regulation redefines "tobacco products," your Health Hazard Exclusion may be more limiting than you anticipate. Call VIP to discuss your options.
  • Low Minimum Premiums - VIP has coverage options to choose from that make the VIP policy one of the most affordable in the market.
  • Startups and New Ventures Welcome - The vape industry is on fire (figuratively speaking). VIP has the coverages that fit your business' unique needs.
  • Carrier Rating:"A"


$25M Maximum Limit

$100K Minimum Limit

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