House Lifting Contractors

Offered by Apollo General Insurance Agency, Inc.


Apollo General's Insurance for House Lifting Contractors offers operations for small- to medium-sized risks engaging in these activities

Risks that are currently ineligible for this Program include those who operate outside designated, state-approved territory, subcontract more than 20% of their operations, and who act as a general contractor, construction manager, builder or developer. Additionally, new operations and contractors who work on piers, basements, foundational, or structural concrete work are also ineligible.

Our AM Best Rated A+15 Program offers superior insurance for House Lifting Contractors and includes these primary benefits:

• Blanket Additional Insured - where contract required
• Waiver of Transfer of Rights of Recovery Against Us to Others - where contract required
• Primary and Noncontributory - where contract required
• Per Project/Location General Aggregate ($5 million Cap)
• Employee Benefits Liability
• Stop Gap option available

The minimum premium is $25,000.

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Apollo General Insurance Agency, Inc.

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