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    Posted: Apr 15, 12:53 pm
    Why is it that some agencies have no or little interest in helping companies who are classified as high risk for workers comp? It seems to me like once the insured no longer qualifies in the standard market they seem content with sending them to the assigned risk pool.
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    Posted: Apr 16, 1:44 pm
    Some agencies do not have the carriers who will write the risk any longer usually due to too many claims. I know i was in constant search for carriers who would write a risk who had been tossed to the pool and it is difficult to find. There is a reason those companies are thrown into the pool. Their loss ratio and safety protocol needs alot of attention and its those agents who have had no other option but to put them into the assigned risk pool that needs to seriously do their due diligence and help them out with their safety program and throw in some sort of loss control plan to get them back into the standard market and allow the agent or agency to feel comfortable that this company will no longer put the agency at risk of affecting their loss ration bonuses
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    Posted: Apr 18, 12:26 pm
    Remember that once an account goes to the Pool, many agents don't have the carriers with filings that can bridge the wide gap between rates at a 25% debit and Assigned Risk Pool rates. Past performance in the absence of material loss control implementations is the best predictor of future performance. Writing a risk that rocketed to the Pool level at the carrier's maxed rate (excluding informed consent to rate) is liking betting on an inside straight until the last card.    
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