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    Posted: Oct 16, 2017 5:17 pm

    Currently my Client is seeking to establish a relationship with either an MGA, BGA or like entity which has a direct relationship and vested underwriting authority with various "A-" or better AM Best rated Life Insurance Companies.Their intent is a long-term and on-going association for which to purchase volume life insurance policies to coincide with their proprietary program of which they will gladly share with you.


    Specifically, they are seeking the following criteria:


    1. A direct relationship with various Life Insurance providers with an AM Best “A-“ or better rating


    2. Vested underwriting authority with various "A-" or better AM Best rated Life Insurance Companies


    3. Single Premium Life Insurance Policies (perhaps tailor made or single / special purpose) with the highest death benefit at the lowest possible single premium cost


    4. Minimal medical underwriting


    5. The capacity of complete in-house underwriting ability from application to issuance


    6. FINTECH inspired or aspired or currently operating (ie: underwriting, processing, issuance, etc.)


    If the above general criteria meets your organizations business model and capacity, we would greatly appreciate your returned reply.


    Kind regards,


    Phillip Carlton

    Client’s Authorized Agent


    Mr. Phillip Carlton, Executive Director

    Global Email:


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    Posted: Feb 14, 2018 7:24 pm
    Phillip - did you ever get anywhere with this one regarding single premium wholel ife insurance?

    Scott W Johnson
    Marindependent Insurance Services LLC
    Whole Vs Term
    Scott W Johnson
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