Truckers Auto Liability and Physical Damage

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    Posted: Feb 26, 1:40 pm
    Does anyone know of a GA that will do Auto Liability and Physical Damage for truckers? Particularly smaller outfits and with unlimited radius? Progressive doesn't want anymore unlimited radius and I have 5 accounts I can't place this month. Others are not appointing agencies right now, and Carolina only wants 50+ power units.
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    Posted: Feb 27, 11:57 am
    Howard Stone  - 805-557-1420
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    Posted: Feb 27, 12:26 pm
    Yes, I can help.  Please send me what you have to If you like give me a call, 205- 979-1645

    Dennis Dunne
    Trigon, Inc.
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    Posted: Feb 27, 3:56 pm
    Call me at 805-768-5131 or shoot me an email at
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    Posted: Mar 4, 10:21 am
    Starcitybrokers or 540-318-7827
    We have plenty of markets  
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    Posted: Mar 6, 1:49 pm
    Waht state are you looking for?  I have the pen for Scottsdale in California. I can write local and long haul.  Owner operatior and fleet.

    Renee Gloudeman Senior Commercial Underwriter

    CA License #0828615

    P: 916.865.2988| VOIP 7452208

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