What happened to doing the right thing?

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    Posted: May 11, 1:38 pm
    Lately our agency has been experiencing what I consider unprofessional and advice without concern for the consequences to an insured.

    In the commercial auto arena, we have recently witnessed on 3 separate occasions, other agents/agencies advising insureds that there is no need to report all their drivers on their commercial auto policy once it has been issued and if they need to add drivers that are not accepted by their current carrier; then these other agencies/agents can insure them without reporting all their drivers and without reporting new drivers and the catch phrase.."don't worry about it".  Most of us know that certain problems will come out of this ill advice, not to mention a probable increase in losses and then premiums and hopefully not uncovered losses.

    What happened to the 'professional' giving the proper advice rather than just writing a policy to make a commission?  It seems agency owners have no idea what their representatives are telling people.
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    Posted: May 12, 10:11 am
    Sadly, we come up against this all the time here. The worst part is, it's usually done either by agency owners, or unlicensed staff that they have hired.
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    Posted: May 16, 2:22 pm
    I run into it all the time It's crazy
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    Posted: Jul 17, 5:25 pm
    It's too bad there are so many of these. However dishonest agents will get what's coming to them. Honesty will go a long way in this industry and will best other unprofessionals in any field. 
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