Need market for dry cleaners plant with ine retail store.

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    Posted: Sep 1, 2:49 pm
    Large more than 50 year old establishment that needs insurance for dry cleaning plant, and retail store.  Need bailee coveage as well as commerical auto, WC, CGL, etc.  Does pickup and drop off off dry cleaning as well as rugs and draperies.  Renewal date in late September.  Can you help?
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    Posted: Sep 13, 11:39 am

    I could help you out with this. Do you have a submission together?

    David LeBlanc


    Peachtree Special Risk Brokers, LLC

    Direct 504.830.7352

    Cell 251.209.5699


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    Posted: Sep 14, 12:11 pm
    I have a specialty market depending on where it is located..

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    Posted: Sep 14, 12:15 pm
    the risk is located in the greater New Orleans area.
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