Need market for a NJ Tow Truck/ 1 unit new venture and a market for paratransit risks auto in NJ.

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    Posted: Jan 6, 3:28 pm
    Seeking markets for a new venture two truck operation in NJ. I unit, owner has years of experience and certifications.

    Also seeking a market for paratransit risks in NJ to replace ARI who is no ,onger writing this line.
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    Posted: Jan 9, 9:24 am
    We can help with the small trucking operation.  We provide motor truck cargo legal liability, including on hook, and commercial auto physical damage.  We do not handle auto liability.  We are licensed in all states. If this is of interest please contact Steve Connor (847)852-3160 or email
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    Posted: Feb 2, 9:15 am
    We sepcialize in commerical auto livery insurance (Taxi, Limo, Paratransit, Towing).
    Please contact us at 215-600-1230 or email at

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