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    Posted: May 15, 4:26 pm
    Does anyone know of who may be writing excess liability for personal auto in California? I know it seems like a tough one - I hadn't seen much of this before. But was told Topa and Reliant used to do this but no longer...
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    Posted: May 16, 12:59 pm
    Anderson & Murison (MGA) can write personal excess auto liabilty through USLI in California, our website can be found here:


    Minimum underlying is 250/500/100 split limits.

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    Posted: May 16, 1:05 pm
    USLI would be a great source for that.  It appears to be surplus lines in CA.  As we don't hold a surplus lines license there, we wouldn't be able to help, but it shouldn't be hard to find someone who can.
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    Posted: May 17, 4:23 pm
    Best thing to do contact Anderson & Murison and get your self an Umbrella its cheaper and better  but the underlying limit should be 250/500/100  BI & PD
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    Posted: May 18, 4:31 pm
    There was a follow-up from this agent that's seeking this tough one. He wrote: There is only one problem that exists. The Excess Liability that we were able to write through prior carriers accepted 15,000/30,000/5,000 as base limits. They were willing to accept the risk of 85,000/270,000/45,000 to give the customer 100,000/ 300,00/ 50,000. When a consumer Leases a vehicle most Lease contracts require 100,000/300,000/50,000. Now that Topa & Occidental have discontinued these programs there is a HUGE void/gap  in the market for a lot of customers. If this coverage can be obtained, it may cost the consumer approximately $1,000 vs 250.00 or 300.00. I wonder if there is a Surplus Lines or Non Admitted carrier that may offer this Excess policy? 
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