Umbrella carrier over a B rated underlying carrier

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    Posted: May 10, 7:08 am
    I am looking for an umbrella carrier that will write over a B rated underlying carrier.
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    Posted: May 11, 11:13 am
    You should just replace the underlying.   Or see if the underlying gl carrier can write over themselves.
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    Posted: May 11, 11:23 am
    Diane,  Of course that would be an option.  But I am really looking for a market that will write over a B rated carrier for more than just one policy.
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    Posted: May 11, 11:39 am
    Okay, well good luck.  Unfortunately I don't know of any Umbrella carriers that will write over a B-rated carrier.
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    Posted: May 11, 4:16 pm

    Our exclusive Commercial Umbrella Programs will go over underlying carriers with below "A" ratings.   The paper is "A" rated and Admitted and available for 600+ classes of Commercial Business.  Once appointed with us you wil be able to quote, bind, issue and invoice all on your own.

    Feel free to call or email to discuss.

    Ryan O'Neill

    Director of Business Development

    Great Point Insurance


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