Sports Bar with Pizza Shop

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    Posted: Jan 7, 10:42 am
    Looking for coverage for combined sports bar and pizza shop-does delivery so need hired non-owned, bar has weekend entertainment, looking for full coverage BOP liquor liability etc located in Ohio
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    Posted: Jan 7, 12:26 pm
    We can get you a quote on it.  Every company ask what kind of music(hard rock, R&B or Etc) .  The Delivery shouldn't be a problem we just have requirements on the coverage that is on the Autos.  Give me a call/text or email at 540-387-7827 or
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    Posted: Jan 8, 10:17 am
    Founders Insurance Company writes Liquor Liability in OHIO and throughout the MW with an admitted product. Bars and Restaurants are the #1 and #2 classes of business Founders writes.   If I can assist and provide direction, I would gladly assist.

    Pat Vaulman
    Founders Insurance Co.
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    Posted: Jan 8, 11:21 am
    Hi, We can write teh bar & pizza shop in all states. Depending on the delivery percentage we can provide a standlaone HNOA.

    Let me know if we can help.

    Frank Elorza
    516 873 2387
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