WC Comedy Club

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    Posted: Apr 23, 3:51 pm
    Looking for WC for a new venture comedy club starting up in Westchester County NY
  • Business Development
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    Posted: May 14, 11:21 am
    Please send me your submission!  We have the pen for Old Republic.

    Jim McErlean
    NSM Insurance
    Jim McErlean - NSM Insurance Group
  • PEO Specialist
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    Posted: Jul 13, 9:57 am
    We can provide a PEO service covering workers compensation, payroll and offer benefits. Tax Tip credit if there are tips involved with a quarterly refund. 
    Jennifer Thomasson
  • PEO Broker
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    Posted: Nov 1, 2:42 pm
    I have PEO markets offering 4th quarter promos right now...In which one of those is specifically seeking out Restaurant/Hospitality businesses & offering 0% admin fees for certain periods of time. Please give me a shout and I will confidentally find you savings there even midterm or when you would like to shop it!
    Brett Arthur
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