Back Writing the affluent client.

dbriseno Oct 12, 2009 1:37 PM
To gain access to affluent clients with homes over $1,000,000 replacement cost, approach your prospects with an offer to conduct a "free comprehensive audit of their personal lines insurance program". Gather copies of their declaration pages, conduct a brief risk survey, and with this information sit down and sift through the details. The devil is in the details! Pay close attention to deductibles that are too low on the home, contents insured under named perils only (H-03 or HOA), low replacement cost of the dwelling, additional properties not insured, differences in liability limits, fine arts and jewelry not scheduled, autos insured for ACV only, umbrellas with low limits, recreational vehicles missing from umbrellas, insufficient underlying limits, more than one carrier on the risk, etc. Afterwards, together with your risk management findings provide an insurance proposal to your client that indicates current market pricing. Your prospect will appreciate the work and your knowledge of the risk will get you the business! If the job is done right, clients can save quite a bit of premium dollars through your efforts. We offer agencies access to our program for homes excess of $1,000,000 replacement cost. Give us a call at 972-934-4295 or e-mail We will help you get the business.

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