Back WC Carrier Rate Filings

kconklin Jun 7, 2010 10:37 AM
Does anyone have a resource that shows recent WC carrier rate filings? There was an article with a chart in the 5/26 WC Executive, but we don't subscribe to it. Any other sources to go to?Thanks, Karin Conklin
DataLister Jun 7, 2010 12:32 PM
DataLister - We are the nation's leading database supplier of Workers Compensation prospect information, uniquely supplying X-dates and carrier of record details. If you are looking for LCM's we also have those. Please call me at 800-283-7798 x14.Ethel Facundo
mheimerl Jun 7, 2010 12:42 PM

Are you looking for carrier rates so you can illustrate pricing and forecast premium? We may be a good resource for you. Instead of doing all the work of tracking rates and updating your own homemade spreadsheets, we do all the research and busy work for you. is a very cost effective way to analyze the CA work comp marketplace. In 10 seconds you can gather and illustrate pricing for over 80 CA admitted carriers, strategize market selection and improve your speed to market.  You input your risks basic underwriting info, and we show you the filed pricing.  We can also help you market your accounts.

You can check out the site here:  Check out the Marketplace Updates section for recent carrier filing changes.  Or, contact me and I can walk you through it.



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