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Starcitybrokers May 26, 2021 1:25 PM

I had a Company called CoverWallet contact me about using them for some sales.  They would write some markets a typical Carrier wouldn't write with Starr Insurance.  So I tried them out for 3 new policies today.  Sent the clients the quotes and bound them with a $500 ded then when I get the policy on page 116 out of 120 there is an endorsement on it that makes the Ded $5,000.  I called them to find out whats the deal and was told they can't put everything into the quote papers and only do what they are legally required to put in them.  The 3 policies got canceled right then and now fighting with them over a $125 policy fee on each one.  

If you are using them you better look over the policies and make sure there are no endorsements on it

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