Stonetrust Commercial Insurance Company

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Stonetrust provides statutory workers’ compensation insurance to employers large and small, with a concentration in construction, wholesale, retail, manufacturing, and other service-related businesses. The typical Stonetrust policyholder is a small to mid-sized company that places a priority on workplace safety and seeks a stable and secure insurer that works with it to achieve safety goals and keep its workers’ compensation premiums and claims costs down. Stonetrust works in partnership with policyholders, focusing squarely on their needs and demands.

Our steadfast commitment to unsurpassed service, risk screening, accident prevention, and claims management has enabled us to achieve exceptional results. Stonetrust’s professional loss control engineers conduct on-site inspections and provide industry-specific safety recommendations to policyholders, all at no additional cost. Claims are managed efficiently and timely by our experienced claims staff. Our primary goal is to assist policyholders with the management of claim frequency, cost, and the duration of their claims, with the ultimate goal of reducing their workers’ compensation premiums.

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