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Southern Insurance Underwriters, Inc. (SIU), based in Alpharetta, Georgia is a Certified Managing General Agency serving independent agents throughout the southeast for over fifty years. SIU understands the importance of competitive markets, innovative technology and personalized service. SIU provides access to over 120 markets, spanning: Commercial Property & Casualty, Commercial Transportation, Personal Property, Professional Lines and Standard Lines. With a staff of experienced and reliable underwriters, SIU can quickly turnaround almost any risk ranging from simple to highly complex hazards.

Insurance Markets From Southern Insurance Underwriters 10 Total

Artisan Contractor Program
Janitorial Lawn Care Contractors Artisans Electrical Carpenters
General Contractors - Commercial
Contractors Artisans
Environmental Risks
Pollution Environmental Property & Casualty
Garage Liability
Body Shops Garage Motorcycle Dealers Used Car Dealer Auto Detailer Repair Shops
Liquor Liability Restaurants Commercial Auto Admitted Commercial Package Non Admitted
Roofers Roofing Property & Casualty
Vacant Vacant Dwelling Vacant Property Schedules Dwelling Tenant Occupied
Commercial Transportation
Adult Day Care School Bus Limo Limousine Church Vans Day Care Auto
Condos Condominium Associations Apartment Building Commercial Property Habitational + 5 more
Professional Liability & Misc. E&O
Directors & Officers Errors And Omissions Non Profit D&O Media Liability Employment Practices Liability
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Company Headquarters 4500 Mansell Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30022
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Phone 678-498-4500 Tollfree 800-568-1700

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Memberships WSIA, PIA and IIA