Orion180 Insurance Services, LLC

Orion180 Insurance Services, LLC


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Be the first Agent Partner to provide comprehensive coverage in the Homeowners Industry, offering real-time insurance policies, not just quotes. Orion180 is here to offer a much simpler and easier way to client on- boarding, including easier claim service with faster payment.

At Orion180 we reward our agents for their successes. Our compensation program offers competitive commissions, and through our dashboard you can access all retail products, receive sales updates, as well as track commissions and bonuses*. *Only applies to individual products.

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Homeowners Insurance
Homeowners Property Insurance Company
HO3 Insurance
Insurance Company Homeowners Property
HO3 Insurtech
Insurance Company Technology Homeowners Property
Insurance Company Homeowners Property
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Company Headquarters 930 S. Harbor City Blvd., Ste. 302
Melbourne, FL 32901
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Phone 321-213-6222 Tollfree 866-590-3550