Midlands Management Corp.


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Midlands is a managing general agent & wholesale broker. Our exclusive market arrangement is your competitive advantage. Now you have access to the world's leading carriers & exclusive markets unobtainable by another wholesale broker or independently.

Office Locations

Midlands - Oklahoma City, OK
Address 3817 NW Expressway, Ste. 1000
Oklahoma City OK, 73112
Phone 405-840-0074
Toll-Free 800-800-4007
Fax 405-840-5432
Midlands - Dallas, TX
Address 5050 Quorum Dr., Ste. 400
Dallas TX, 75254
Toll-Free 800-800-4007
Fax 972-588-2020

Company Headquarters 3817 NW Expressway, Ste. 1000
Oklahoma City OK, 73112

Phone 405-840-0074

Tollfree 800-800-4007

Company Listings 10 Listings in 50 states + DC

Special Events Liability & Events Cancellation Insurance
Liquor Liability Excess Property Events Weather Special Event Cancellation
50 states + DC
Public Entity
Public Entities Professional Liability Employer Liability Government Districts Cities Workers Compensation Municipalities Schools Public Entity
50 states + DC
Excess Workers' Compensation
Self-Insured Umbrella Excess Compensation Workers Compensation Comp Self-Funded
50 states + DC
Workers Compensation
Workmans Comp Comp Excess Compensation Workers Compensation Hospitality Contractors Agriculture Oil & Gas
50 states + DC
Farm & Ranch
Hobby Farm Fruits Vegetable Farms Dairy Farms Cattle Field And Grains Livestock Horse Breeding Equine Operations Farm & Ranch
49 states
Occupational Accident
Death Disability Dismemberment Independent Motor Carrier Occupational Accident Driver Contractors
50 states + DC
Boat | Watercraft | Yacht
Houseboat Yacht Watercraft Jet Boats Personal Watercraft Jet Skis Wave Runner Charter Boat High Performance Boats
50 states + DC
Builders Risk
Vacant Contractors Renovations Remodeling Risk Residential Commercial Construction Builders
50 states + DC
Marijuana | Cannabis Industry
Cyber Professional Liability Product Liability Cbd General Liability Recreational Marijuana Dispensary Medical Marijuana Cannabis Marijuana
30 states
Employment Practices Liability
General Liability EPLI Professional Liability Excess Employment Practices Liability Third Party Coverage Wage And Hour Harassment Wage & Hour Sexual Harassment
50 states + DC