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Lomax Insurance Solutions has been in business since 1973 and we have been specializing in Environmental Insurance since 1986.

Since it's inception, Lomax has been providing coverage for businesses with any type of environmental exposure. We are comprised of professionals with experience in risk management and commercial insurance. We know the markets, coverages and the risks. This enables Lomax to be "The Environmental Marketplace."

We currently have programs for Abatement Contractors, Site Pollution, Property Transfer, Landfill Operations, Closure/Post Closure, Remediation Cost Cap, Recycling Facilities and Waste Transporters and there are always more are on the way.

Most of our programs come in bundles or packs that include the General Liability, Contractors Pollution Liability as well as Professional Liability with MOLD coverage. We also have access to Workers Compensation and Commercial Auto for environmental risks, providing we are quoting or already servicing your Environmental General Liability policy.

Insurance Markets From Lomax Solutions LLC. dba Lomax Insurance Solutions 10 Total

Environmental Contractors Liability
Environmental Consultants (ECPL)
Mold Liability Insurance
Duct / HVAC Cleaners
Asbestos Abatement CGL
Gas Station and Convenience Store
Landfills and Waste Facilities
Environmental Contractors & Consultants
Restoration Contractors w/ Mold Coverage
General Liability for Artisan Contractors
Artisan Contractors Contractors General Contractors
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