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As a PEO broker I help businesses consolidate their HR and Workers compensation responsibilities  under one umbrella in order to give business owners the opportunity to focus more on growing their business. Remaining in compliance with the Affordable Care Act, payroll compliance and workers compensation coverage can be difficult with constantly changing state and federal laws. 
I Know A Guy Who Knows A Guy also has the flexibility of helping businesses of all sizes that have been classified as high risk or been dropped by their standard carrier. Instead of going to the assigned risk pool talk to us first, it's still possible to find a home with an A rated carrier.
If you are an Independent Insurance Agency, Captured Agency, or an Agent seeking coverage for an insured with an A rated carrier I can help. Also if you have some experience or are just starting to get your feet wet and are interested in receiving an appointment with A rated carrier please feel free to reach out to me.

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PEO Workers Compensation
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