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UnderWrite Insurance Services is a managing general agency that helps retail insurance brokers secure coverage for their hazardous and hard to place workers' compensation risks.

We specialize in the hazardous markets: Agribusiness, Construction, Equipment Services, Transportation, Industrial, Manufacturing, Home Health, Oil & Gas, Marine, etc.

Showcase Insurance Markets

Trucking Workers' Compensation Insurance
Truckers Workers Comp Trucking Workers Comp Trucking HazMat Trucking Short Haul Trucking + 4 more
Agriculture Workers' Compensation Insurance
Agriculture Commercial Agriculture Farm Farming Farm Machinery Operators Farm Labor Contractor + 4 more
Contractor Workers' Compensation Insurance
Hard To Place Workers Comp Heavy Construction PEO Construction Tough Class Codes + 3 more
Hard to Place Workers' Compensation Insurance
Hard To Place Workers Comp Roofers Work Comp Excavators Trucking Workers Comp + 6 more
Manufacturing Workers' Compensation Insurance
Workers Comp Workers Compensation Workers' Comp / Payroll Service Manufacturers Products + 5 more

More Insurance Markets From UnderWrite Insurance Services 4 Total

Equipment Services Workers' Compensation Insurance
Farm Equipment Repair Construction Equipment Underground Equipment Equipment Dealers + 6 more
Oil & Energy Workers' Compensation Insurance
Oil Well & Water Well Drilling Oil Trucking Oil Dealer Workers Comp Workers Compensation + 5 more
Staffing Workers' Compensation Insurance
Staffing Temp Staffing Work Comp Healthcare Staffing Contract Staffing Light Industrial Staffing + 5 more
Healthcare Workers' Compensation Insurance
Healthcare WC Healthcare Workers Comp Health Care Workers Compensation Group Homes + 6 more
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Company Headquarters 417 Passaic Street, Suite F
Hackensack NJ, 07601
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Phone 201-580-6806

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