Gateway Specialty Insurance

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Gateway Specialty Insurance is a proud Berkshire Hathaway owned wholesale broker and leading national distributor of specialty insurance products within the nonprofit and allied health sectors. Our goal is to make sure our customers know that we are working for them and that we care. We promise to maintain a high level of energy, have a great attitude and make doing business with us easy. Let us know how we can assist you and your clients today!

Insurance Markets From Gateway Specialty Insurance 10 Total

Insurance for Nonprofit, Social and Human Services
Art Gallery Booster Clubs Chambers Of Commerce D&O Foundation Group Homes Non Profits + 3 more
Special Events Liability for Nonprofits
Concerts Convention Events Exhibit Festivals Fundraiser Parade Party Show Weddings
Social Services
Animal Shelters D&O Food Banks Human Services Kitchen Non Profits Shelters Social Services + 2 more
Technology Errors and Omissions
Technology E&O Technology Tech Technology Professionals Technology Consultants + 2 more
Houses of Worship
Abuse And Molestation Churches D&O Faith House Of Worship Mosques Pastor Synagogues + 2 more
Youth Sports
Baseball Baseball Camp Basketball Field Hockey Golf Soccer Soccer Camp Sports Youth Programs + 1 more
Child Care & Schools
Abuse And Molestation Berkshire Hathaway Child Child Care D&O Day Care Non Profits + 1 more
Nonprofit Directors and Officers
D&O NDO Non Profits Non Profit D&O Employment Practices Liability
The Arts and Cultural Institutions
Art Gallery Community Theatre Cultural Institution Directors & Officers Fine Art + 5 more
Residential Facilities and Shelters
Abuse Assisted Living Group Homes Homeless Shelters Hospice Rehabilitation Shelters + 1 more
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Company Headquarters 1170 Devon Park Drive
Wayne, PA 19087
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Tollfree 877-977-4474

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