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For a little background on Environmental Risk Managers, Inc. (ERMI), we specialize in environmental risk management and insurance. The business model we have built our success upon is based on environmental education / risk management. A long time ago I learned that once I stopped trying to sell environmental liability insurance and educated businesses on their environmental exposures my environmental insurance sales took off. Today ERMI is 100% committed to assisting insurance agents to leverage their environmental insurance sales. ERMI assist insurance professionals to educate their clients / prospects on the environmental exposures impacting their operations so they can make an informed decision if environmental insurance can add value to their business model. If a client / prospect determines that environmental liability insurance can add value to their business model then ERMI has an environmental insurance wholesale division where we can market and negotiate environmental insurance coverage's and premiums. The ERMI environmental insurance sales strategy begins with a review of the ERMI Environmental Hot Topics list we know impact a variety of your insured's and prospects, attached. I would like to schedule about 20 minutes where I can call and review this with your insurance professionals. The purpose of the call is to point out areas of environmental opportunity we have identified in assisting you to sell more environmental liability insurance, After we review the ERMI Environmental Hot Topics list your insurance professionals will be able to determine if environmental insurance can add value to their business model. For your insurance professionals that want to blend environmental insurance into their business model to add more value, we will develop a customized environmental insurance sales strategy to leverage their insurance sales.

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