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DUAL Commercial LLC is a leading Specialty Program Manager in the Property & Casualty Marketplace. We have twelve core underwriting offices throughout the U.S.with experts in every office. At DUAL, our clients are the most important part of our business.

Insurance Markets From DUAL Commercial, LLC 10 Total

Habitational (East & West Coast)
Apartments Habitational Homeowners Apartments Package Home Insurance Coastal Condo Property + 2 more
E&S Property Program
Excess Property Vacant Property Manufacturing Property Lessor's Risk Mercantile + 4 more
Environmental Risks & EIFS
Contractors Pollution Liability Pollution Environmental Consultants Environmental + 5 more
Contractors Program
Artisan Contractors Contractors General Contractors Construction Contractors General Liability + 5 more
Cyber Program
Cyber Liability Cyber Cyber Crime Cyber Risk Cyber & Privacy Liability Cyber Security & Privacy + 1 more
Professional Liability
Architects E&O Errors And Omissions Miscellaneous Errors And Omissions Architects & Engineers + 6 more
Energy Program (EIURS)
Energy Consultants Inland Marine Energy Property & Casualty Solar Energy Pipeline Contractors + 3 more
Management Liability
Directors & Officers D&O Non Profit D&O Fiduciary Liability Nonprofits Kidnap & Ransom + 3 more
DUAL Select
Artisan Contractors Homebuilders General Contractors Artisans Commercial Contractors + 4 more
Flood & Specialty Perils
Flood Excess Flood Private Flood Primary Flood Coastal Property Condominiums + 3 more
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Phone 973-631-7575

11 office locations

Memberships WSIA, PLUS, Target Markets, Lloyds of Illinois, FSLA