Crouse and Associates

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Crouse and Associates is a large Independent Wholesale Broker established in 1975 and licensed in every state. Our most valued relationships are those with our retail and carrier partners. Because of this, we work harder and smarter than anyone in the business to make sure you look good...

We specialize in Contractors, OCIP's, Project Specific, Manufactures, Product Recall, Builders Risk, Inland Marine, Earthquake, Flood, Tough Property, Transportation, Cannabis, Foreign, Professional, Cyber, D&O, Excess and Umbrella's

Insurance Markets From Crouse and Associates 10 Total

Capacity or Excess Property Insurance
Builder's Risk
Transportation - Local to Long Haul Truckers
DIC including Earthquake, Flood and Wind
Residential Construction - OCIP Gap Policy
Land Improvement Contractor Program
Contractors - Residential & Commercial
Owner Controlled Insurance Program - Wrap Up
Owners Controlled Insurance Program-OCIP
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Company Headquarters 650 California St., Ste. 1100
San Francisco, CA 94108
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Phone 415-982-3870

Memberships Napslo, AAMGA

Licenses 0805281