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Clements is a leading provider of international insurance including car, health, property, life, and high risk insurance to expats and international organizations in more than 170 countries.

Insurance Markets From Clements Worldwide 10 Total

International Kidnap Insurance
High Risk International High Risk International Kidnap & Ransom Kidnap & Ransom + 1 more
War & Terrorism and Political Violence
International High Risk War And Terrorism Political Risk Political Violence
Workers Compensation
Workers Compensation Defense Base Act For Overseas Contracts Workers Comp + 4 more
International Car Insurance
Commercial Auto Overseas International Auto Worldwide Car Worldwide Auto Expatriate + 1 more
International Life Insurance
Overseas International
International Health Insurance
Overseas International Health
International Property Insurance
International Personal Effects Property Abroad International Contents Expatriate + 1 more
General Liability Insurance
General Liability General Contractors Contractors General Liability Commercial General Liability
International Transit & Cargo Insurance
Goods In Transit Cargo Transit Transit And Cargo
Maritime Security
Maritime Employers Liability Maritime General Liability
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