Central Specialty Risk, LLC


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Central Specialty Risk is a relationship focused company that knows keeping a low employee to client ratio will allow us to provide better service. Our client's often have needs that are unique and can be very complex, so we allocate our scheduling so that the time needed for review, analysis and implementation can be applied to each situation. Our process will typically involve on-site inspections or a detailed teleconference review, plan development and implementation, and transferring risk through various insurance products and strategies.

Insurance Markets From Central Specialty Risk, LLC 4 Total

Physicians Medical Malpractice
Malpractice Physicians Professional Liability Medical
Dentist Medical Malpractice
Dentist Dental Malpractice
Truckers Workers Compensation
Restaurant Workers Compensation
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Company Headquarters PO Box 14
Silver Creek GA, 30173
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Phone 855-765-0078