CCI Surety, Inc.

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CCI Surety, inc. is a specialty underwriter for contract surety bonds. Usually these are bid bonds or payment and performance bonds but they could also be maintenance bonds or miscellaneous bonds. More specifically we target non-standard accounts that are turned away by standard markets. These accounts could include accounts turned away by quick programs, standard accounts that are looking for larger bond lines, or accounts that have credit difficulties or financial issues. Our underwriters review these types of accounts every day. We are able to accomplish this by utilizing a combination of funds control, the U.S. SBA Bond Guarantee Program, collateral used as working capital on the bonded project and third party indemnity. Each case is different, and our underwriters are trained to give you all options available to meet the bond need.

Office Locations

CCI - Arizona
Address 10851 N. Black Canyon Hwy., Ste. 640
Phoenix AZ, 85029
Phone 602-396-7533
Fax 602-396-7622
CCI - Minnesota
Address 1710 N. Douglas Dr., Ste. 110
Golden Valley MN, 55422
Phone 763-543-6993
Fax 763-512-0430
CCI - Florida
Address 1408 N. Westshore Blvd., Ste. 120
Tampa FL, 33607
Phone 813-443-2174
Fax 813-443-2176

Phone 763-543-6993

Tollfree 866-317-3294

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