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Blitz Insurance

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Blitz is a technology-led insurance company that brings the $60B specialty market into the next generation. Focusing on hard-to-place and underserved SME customer segments, Blitz’s fast and simple end-to-end insurance platform displaces the lengthy, manual insurance-buying processes that has frustrated both brokers and business customers alike.

Showcase Insurance Markets

Product Liability
Cannabis Products Product Liability Cultivators Marijuana Distributors Marijuana Growers
Property Insurance
Property Cannabis Cultivators Dispensaries Marijuana Marijuana Growers Marijuana Cultivation
General Liability
General Liability Cannabis Business Liability Coverage Cultivators Dispensaries + 3 more

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Lessor's Risk Only
Marijuana Cannabis Distribution Risks Lessor's Risk Only Marijuana Growers
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Company Headquarters 1985 Cedar Bridge Ave., Ste. 1
Lakewood, NJ 08701