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For the past decade, the MGA/MGU business has grown at an unprecedented rate. Demand for program business and new relationships has grown significantly as both reinsurers and insurers seek access to business in the face of rate pressure; an increased need to identify untapped distribution channels, and lastly; many carriers’ inability to adapt to the changing landscape across nearly every commercial line of business. That changing landscape is essentially driven by challenging carrier expense ratios coupled with the need for implementation of technology both in terms of delivering products and increasing the processing speed at the point of sale, issuance, as well as after sales service support.

An MGU lives and dies by its reputation. A reputation, in turn, is built by the actions of its leaders. Effective leaders will never put the profits of the MGU ahead of the underwriting profits of the capacity which it represents as the integrity and sustainability of the firm will forever be compromised. – It requires a managed Balance.

That is why we chose to brand our firm “Balance” and best represents what has become forgotten in the outsourced underwriting model. For our MGU, that “balance” is the most fundamental, core element of the value proposition. It shapes everything we do (and do not do) and it is the guiding light by which each and every one of our colleagues will carry out the task at hand.

Insurance Markets From Balance Partners 8 Total

Maven Insurance Agent's Professional Liability
Professional Liability Insurance Agents E&O Insurance Agents Professional Liability + 6 more
Maven Home Inspector's Professional Liability
Miscellaneous Errors And Omissions Professional Liability Home Inspectors + 6 more
Maven Miscellaneous Professional Liability
Professional Liability Miscellaneous Errors And Omissions Misc Professional Liability + 6 more
Maven Insurance Agent's Excess Professional Liability
Excess Excess Professional Liability Insurance Agents E&O Insurance Agents Professional Liability + 3 more
Maven Miscellaneous Excess Professional Liability
Excess E&o Excess Professional Liability Excess Miscellaneous Errors And Omissions + 5 more
Pollution Legal Liability
Pollution Environmental Impairment Site Pollution Site Pollution Legal Liability + 2 more
Contractors Pollution Liability
Mold Contractor Pollution Contractors Pollution Liability Environmental Contractors + 3 more
Trustee Liability
Trustee Estate Trustee Liability Fiduciary Liability Professional Professional Liability + 1 more
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