AmWINS Transportation Underwriters, Inc.

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AmWINS Transportation Underwriters (ATU) is a managing general agency (MGA) and wholesale insurance broker that specializes in the trucking and transportation industry.

Showcase Insurance Markets

Local & Intermediate Trucking
Transportation Trucking Hard To Place Fleets Intermediate Haul Motor Truck Cargo + 2 more
Public Auto
Public Auto Transportation
Long Haul Trucking
Long Haul Trucking Transportation MGA Underwriting Authority Motor Truck Cargo + 3 more
Limousine and Luxury Transportation
Limo Limousine Auto Liability Auto Physical Damage Property & Casualty Commercial Insurance + 2 more
Environmental Transportation
Environmental Transportation Auto Pollution Auto Physical Damage Petroleum Haulers + 3 more

More Insurance Markets From AmWINS Transportation Underwriters, Inc. 4 Total

Commercial Auto - Petroleum Transporters
Trucking Commercial Auto Petroleum Haulers Transportation Auto Insurance Motor Truck Cargo + 3 more
Commercial Auto
Commercial Auto Underwriting Authority Auto Physical Damage Auto Liability + 6 more
Specialized Auto - Concrete Pumpers, Crane, Oversized Vehicles
Concrete Pumpers Auto Physical Damage Crane Auto Liability Crane Operators Property & Casualty + 3 more
Truck Brokers' Contingent Liability
Contingent Liability Trucking Transportation Truck Contingent Cargo Property & Casualty + 2 more
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Licenses All states except Hawaii, Alaska