Liberty Mutual Expands Large, Global Property Risk Unit; Adds 5 Underwriters

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Aiming for a bigger role in the market for large, complex global property risks, Liberty Mutual has expanded its National Accounts Property unit and added five underwriters.

The unit provides ground-up, shared and layered, inland marine and equipment breakdown coverages. It offers large capacity, global capabilities – including the ability to issue local policies in more than 150 countries – and advanced property risk engineering teams.

“We grew from three to four underwriting divisions in order to bring our expertise and authority closer to agents and brokers, and their customers,” said Mike Martin, executive vice president and general manager, National Accounts Property. “And we further strengthened that expertise by adding five underwriters.”

The underwriters include:

  • Ralph Botti, senior underwriter manager, Northeast Region. Botti will underwrite ground-up and shared and layered accounts, and will help expand National Accounts Property’s presence in the Northeast. He has 38 years of experience with Liberty Mutual.
  • Rick Friedl, division underwriting manager, Northeast Region. Friedl is responsible for National Accounts Property’s growth in the Northeast. He has 35 years of experience in commercial insurance underwriting, risk engineering, account management, and marketing, and as a broker –most recently with Howden Broking Group.
  • Alice Hu, director, Northeast Region. Hu will help drive National Accounts Property’s growth in New York. She has five years of experience, most recently with Swiss Re, in underwriting shared and layered business as well as single carrier global fronted programs.
  • Greg Huml, senior underwriting manager, Central Division. Huml will support complex global property risks in the central region. He has  30 years of experience underwriting large account property business. Prior to joining Liberty Mutual, he held various underwriting and engineering positions, most recently with XL Insurance.
  • Todd Reed, managing director, Property Underwriting. Reed is responsible for distribution strategy for National Accounts Property. He will help develop the product set, support services and underwriting resources necessary for the operation to becoming a lead market for large, complex global property risks. He  has more than 30 years of experience underwriting and managing property underwriters at Liberty Mutual.

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  • July 14, 2014 at 1:01 pm
    stephen platt says:

    we as the public should watch the effect on the market. it is not in our best interests to allow the domination of underwriting groups. one concept that has gone unregulated is the concept of guaranteed renewal at a particular price. certainly on individual states (we have some now), stability should be the goal. the individuals require it. actually all personal lines should enjoy this also they should be able to reclaim the duplication of coverage Taken from assured.
    we cannot stay in the dark ages forever.

  • July 16, 2014 at 1:32 pm
    Bill says:

    stephen platt, I agree that it’s not in our best interests to allow the domination of one company or group. But not sure what that has to do with the guaranteed renewal at a particular price. Things change, often within an insured, so why should the price be guaranteed?

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